5 Step Commissions Review

5 Step

5 Step Commissions Review

5 Step Commissions Review








  • Easy to follow and implement.
  • Everything you need is in this course.
  • Great Value! I Highly Recommend this one!!


  • The Training is top notch and it is complete.
  • The only thing that I didn't like was the design of the sales page.

5 Step Commissions Review

Find Out in This In-depth 5 Step Commissions Review Why I Almost Gave Up Before I Even Started!

I almost didn’t do this 5 Step Commissions Review because of the sales page but am I ever glad I took a look at 5 Step Commissions anyways (keep reading to find out why).

Phil Snipes is the creator of 5 Step Commissions and he is an online marketer who has been using these very same 5 Steps to earn a Full-Time Income Online for several years now.

5 Step Commissions is a really simple 5 step affiliate marketing course that will teach you the 5 main steps that you will need to master in order to be a successful online marketer.

5 Step Commissions Review

5 Step Commissions Review

In 5 Step Commissions you will learn:

  • How to create a winning Capture page and Autoresponder.
  • How to find offers in any niche where you will be able to be paid in instant commissions.
  • The most Current Free Traffic Methods with Video Syndication and Social Media.
  • The Best Paid Traffic Sources that will bring you daily leads on autopilot.
  • Leadership Training that will teach you how to convert leads into sales.

Inside the members area of 5 Step Commissions there are 6 over the shoulder training videos that are easy to follow and understand.

There are also 5 additional bonuses that are included to help you get the most out of 5 Step Commissions.

I have to admit that although the 5 steps that are taught are actually not anything new, they are presented and taught in a very simple way where even a total Newbie could understand and implement for immediate results.

5 Step

5 Step Commissions Review

I almost didn’t do this 5 Step Commissions Review because of the sales page.

I found the sales page to be very plain and dull in appearance and at first glance it can seem very amateur like. However, when I reviewed Phil’s 5 Step method, I saw how truly valuable it really was.

In his training, Phil explains the entire process of his 5 simple steps in creating a successful affiliate marketing business online.

Although 5 Step Commissions is comprised of 5 training videos, these are not your typical 5 to 10 minute long videos that you find in other courses. This training course is over 2 1/2 hours in length.

Phil's Earnings

5 Step Commissions Review

I really think Phil hit the bull’s-eye with 5 Step Commissions. You are not left guessing of what to do next. This course is complete, everything is revealed to you.

In fact! When you first enter the members area you will be told how to get your affiliate link so that you can promote 5 Step Commissions. That’s right! You will have instant approval. This is perfect for newbies.

Once you complete your training you will have a product to promote.

What is really unique is that you can actually earn money while you are watching the training videos. Now I know what you’re thinking. How is that possible? Well, you see! When you get your affiliate link approved, you send it to Phil and he will enter it into a link rotator.

Phil promotes 5 Step commissions and sends the traffic to the links in his rotator. If someone makes a purchase on your link, you get the commission.

Link Rotator

5 Step Commissions Review

I was really trying to find something negative in this course but I couldn’t. The course in itself is complete.

The only thing I didn’t like had nothing to do with the course itself but rather the layout of the sales page. It might just be me but I thought the sales page could have at least been centred. This of course has no bearing on the quality of the course.

I really enjoyed making this 5 Step Commissions Review and feel that it could be of benefit to everyone who takes advantage of it.

Now Let’s talk about the price and OTO’s:

The Price is only $17 for this launch and as more copies are sold the price will go up. I’s best to pick 5 Step Commissions up early on to get the lowest price.

Now the Up-sells:

This is the best part.  There are none. Everything is included in the front end so after you pay the $17 you go straight to the members area and you will not be presented with anything else to buy.

I wasn’t kidding when I said 5 Step Commissions is complete.

To help you become successful as quickly as Possible, I am including all of the bonuses listed below if you buy Through My Sites Exclusive Link!

13 Ways to Make Your Squeeze Pages Convert Cheatsheet: Everyone wants to know how to get their squeeze pages to convert at unbelievable rates. Here are 13 actions that you can take when constructing every landing page to increase your conversions.

Commission Blueprint 2.0: Result Oriented Training – 20 videos showing you The complete system to making money quickly and easily with Affiliate Marketing – Step-by-step!

List building on steroids: Video training with Brendan Mace. Learn how to build a huge list fast. Discover how to double your commissions with a simple strategy.

Squeeze page cheat sheet: Showing you a full squeeze page creation action plan plus you’ll receive 25 Free squeeze page resources.

Email marketing cheat sheet: a full email marketing plan plus 25 free email marketing resources.

Email list building blueprint: learn a 7 step list building blueprint, the best auto-responders to use and how to easily connect with your new subscribers – and why it’s so crucial.

Plus a Custom Video Made by Me showing you what I use to create my squeeze pages and how you can get it for dirt cheap. This will really make things easy for you.

You will also get the 5 bonuses from Phil in the members area.

You Can Get 5 Step Commissions And All The Bonuses Listed Above When You Buy Through My Sites Exclusive Links!

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